I am new to the forum, but know a little about cycling... always room for some more knowledge though, so constructive responses would be more than welcomed!

I have been riding a Giant MTB for years - regularly off road as well as daily commutes (on roads/cobbles and tracks).
I have recently moved from the cobbled hills of Edinburgh to the flat tarmac of London and I would like to get a new bike, more suitable for the London commute but also rugged enough for some adventures! Additionally, with a couple of friends, I am planning an epic summer cycle tour from London to Santander - and wish for whatever bike I buy to be able to withstand the tour and also serve me well for my cycling afterwards.
- Drop bars are preferred
- I am new to compact vs triples (so am open to opinions/pros v cons).
- Pannier rack eyes were a restricting factor until I found the Topeak range of racks...
- Aesthetics and ergonomics are important

I have been looking at both the Giant TCX 1 - cyclocross bike and also the Giant TCR 1 - road bike.
TCR 1 Review
I think that the cyclocross bike would be suited to my needs, and like the set-up of the Giant TCX 1 (alternative suggestions are more than welcome).
Alternatively, the Giant TCR 1 is a beauty (far nicer aesthetics) but I fear I would be too rough for the 'road only' bike.

My concern about the cyclocross bike are the available frame sizes - XS (50cm), S (53cm), M (55cm), ML (56.5cm), L (57.5cm)
I am 6'2", and from recent road bike tests a 60-61cm frame seems the best suited to me. I understand that a smaller frame is preferred for cyclocross bikes, but a 'large' at 57.5 seems pretty small.
Do any of you have opinions on this matter/suggestions and advice?
Obviously, I would like a decent bike, am prepared to invest in one that I would/could use for a good couple of years.