Next August I intend to ride the Leeds to Liverpool canal from end to end, and back, for charity. I intend to have a stop-over in Liverpool, and then head back the following day. I'm relatively new to cycling, though I did manage 35 miles in one go the other day, which I must say was pretty good going. I have one year to train from newbie to long-distance nutter (begging your pardon). I have to be on a mountain bike because of the terrain, and my two and three quarter stone (at present) daughter will be sitting on the back of my bike, tagging along for the ride. I do intend to stop for drinks and rests every now and again. ANY and ALL advice will be taken seriously... I want to do this more than anything. If it's alright with site moderators, I'd like to direct you to my fundraising page, so you can see me atm, my goals, and more about why I'm doing this. I'm not asking you to donate, it's just so's you can see. And I Thank You.