Morning all,

Complete newbie here to Road Biking, but would love to get into it.

I will be travelling from Ancoats to Irlam on a daily basis and vice versa, which will be my commute to work.

I do have a car at the moment, but I am sick to death of taking 50 minutes to over an hour to get home, and 45 minutes to get to work, which is a 12 mile journey. I am sure many here have experienced the dreaded Mancunian Way, it's a nightmare.

I would even mind if it took me 2 hours to get home, as long as I am not stop starting all the time.

I have done my route, and some calculations, and it seems like it would be a 10 mile journey home on the bike, which if i'm not mistaken is around 40 minutes to an hour, depending on how fast you are going of course.

Anyways, I am completely new to it all, and was inspired by the Olympics, plus I want to start getting fit, and love to travel on foot, and now i'd like to start biking.

I don't think I have rode a bike in a few years to be honest, so I am completely new to it, especially Road Biking.

I have been looking at a few bikes, and I have found:

Evans Cycles | Mountain Bike | Specialized Bikes | UK Online Bike Shop

Which is the Domane 2.3 - It seems they do a 2014 and a 2015 version, but as I have no idea about these (I have just gone off reviews), and the technical aspects, I am hoping you could help me out?

I also have zero gear, but I presume I will only need a helmet to start off with.

Many thanks for reading and helping if you can.