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Utility Cycling Want to haul groceries, beer, maybe even your kids? You don't have to live car free to put your bike to use as a workhorse. Here's the place to share and learn about the bicycle as a utility vehicle.

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Old 04-01-14, 02:24 PM   #776
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Loaded with groceries and a kiddie picnic table we junked on the way home from the store.

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My Trek 7.1FX is my utility cycle. The trailer is only a $70 one but it works fine. This bike is my do everything bike.
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Team Beer
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Enjoying a spring commute.

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Sweet ride Cynikal can you tell us about the build? Are you going to splash some color on that frame?
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fixed kitty!
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Crappy winter bike, awesome, with groceries!

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Originally Posted by dmott View Post
Ok this is far from most of these, but it has worked for me so far. Its a 1985 Schwinn Traveler.
That thing is bum-tastic! I love it. The basket is HUGE! It was a sad day for me when I realized that I couldn't run a big ol' fixed-basket on my 820.
"I'm built like a marine mammal. I love the cold! "-Cosmoline
"MTBing is cheap compared to any motorsport I've done. It's very expensive compared to jogging."-ColinL
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My little bike blog.
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prototype modified from a regular bike
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File Type: jpg Tilting trike kit 0505c.jpg (106.5 KB, 48 views)
File Type: jpg 送餐車1.jpg (105.9 KB, 42 views)
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Heyas all - I've lurked for a while and this is my first post. Just wanted to say that this thread played a huge part in me getting back into cycling, particularly using the new bike as a grocery getter and errand runner as a way to keep at it. I know that it isn't an Xtra with a trailer or anything, but once I popped a rack and a basket on it, it was perfect for trips to the grocery store on weekends.

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Here are a couple of mine.

This is a 1956 Robinhood, English 3-speeds. The frame, rear hub, stem/handlebar, shifter/cable are original.

This one is a old Fuji Tour SE. I converted it to a fixie and added racks and baskets.
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File Type: jpg 2014-06-11_1956-RobinHood2.jpg (105.2 KB, 913 views)
File Type: jpg 2014-06-11_Fuji-Tour2.jpg (106.8 KB, 814 views)

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Beater GroceryGetter:

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just built up this xtracycle on a 2011 Long Haul Trucker. Bags to come later today; 700x35C Panaracer Pasela TG tire in the rear leavse only about 1/2 cm clearance - this is about my only disappointment. Schwalbe Fat Frank 29x2.0 in the front. I totally get the "flex" everyone talks about in the lateral direction although it's totally manageable. Very impressed how this feels exactly like a normal bike except low speed turning which isn't that much different.

Yepp Maxi easyfit child seat attached to seatpost - I purchased this before the xtracycle and if i could do it over again I'd get the version that attaches to a rear rack / xtracycle. that way i could mount it to the rear of the flight deck and then be able to carry an adult on the front of the deck.

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contiuniously variable
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- Andy
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Tawp Dawg
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Kuwahara Xtracycle.

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520 CLUB
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Built in West Sacrament, CA ..... Cycletrucks flatbed (the sides lift right out like an old red wagon) .... Not sure what color I'll paint the bike, but this thing has been so much fun for the kids!
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Just finished modifying this as my commuter/grocery getter for the new academic year - bought it off a friend who wasn't using it on account of the gearing being too high for the hills around the university we're at. It had a 46-tooth chainring and a 6-speed freewheel with a 28-tooth large cog, and with those 700c wheels that was too high a gear for me, let alone its previous occasional-rider owner! I added the front drum brake and Sturmey-Archer 8-speed hub (also with drum brake), replaced the crank with one I could fit a smaller ring to, and built a rear rack for it.

It replaces my old utility, which I retired a few weeks ago due to the seatstay welds at the seat cluster cracking. It also had a steel rear rack which flexed alarmingly whenever I put anything heavy in the basket, hence the rack on this one being made from aluminium box section.
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Got it powdercoated
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Originally Posted by digthemlows View Post
Got it powdercoated
Who built it? And how did you do at the race? (No, I don't know you, but social media, a few degrees of separation, and your distinct bike connected )

Someday I'll get an xtracycle, but 'till then this guy carries my bulkiest loads (I guess I'm going to have to go buy/transport myself a pumpkin just because), though it doesn't carry as much overall as my touring bike can. The frame is a '99 Bianchi BASS singlespeed MTB that I've repurposed into my errand buggy using the fork/basket combo off of an old Specialized Globe, and a derailer adapter. No front derailer, but two slightly different gears I can chose from manually if I'm riding in a hilly or flat town. The rims are reflective, and I've got a generator hub (though I need to get that light moved off the handlebar and down under the rack somewhere). The handling is a little funky because of the mismatched fork and the extra weight in the front, but I still love it.

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hehe. [video][/video]

Bike is a Cycletruck built by John Lucas here in West Sacramento. The race was a blast!! we had 21 rider who raced 1300 lbs of organic compost to a farm for the first heat, then we loaded our own pumpkins (3 folks had over 200lbs each) and raced over a ton of pumpkins to a local brewery.

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IMG_6542 by AviationMetalSmith, on Flickr

Recent Update: I've added Capacity to one of my Bikes, by increasing the size of the left rear Pannier. This should help keep the C of g Lower, with dense metal objects… I already used it to haul away a dead lead/acid battery , to a recycler… I keep my lock and chain in it. One advantage is that it became possible to anchor the bottom of the Pannier to the Chain Stay.

IMG_6541 by AviationMetalSmith, on Flickr

IMG_6520 by AviationMetalSmith, on Flickr

The iMac Fairing is back. I'm thinking of naming it "Mac the Knife" in reference to the iMac, or the Shark Teeth,I'm not sure, LOL

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"Airburst". I like that alot.! Really.
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My wife snapped this great shot of me heading to a craft fair with my Mobile Curiosity Stand - a mini art vending setup built on a Surly Ted trailer pulled by a Surly Big Dummy. Note the bar stool stuck in the Big Dummy wide loader - I gotta have something to sit on at the fair!
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Huffy Rockcreek turned commuter bike.

I'm one of those people that do what I need to do in order to get to work. Sometimes that involves a bicycle. And this time it involves being able to carry things with me, and I needed a rack for that. Well, I also need a bike that will not break my back while I ride - so full suspension was the only way to go. So I picked up a cheap Huffy Rockcreek (dual suspension). Unfortunately, racks for full suspension bicycles are nearly as much as my bicycle... (eh what? no).. so $20 rack, some hardware store parts, and some time, and well we have a working rack (that can actually support my weight). Should also mention the bags are Huffy and just over $20. $10 red duffle bag will sit on top when I have to carry a weeks worth of clothing.

My average ride is 27 miles from Altamonte Springs, FL to Winter Springs, FL via city roads, bike trails, and country roads. I've already put over 100 miles on this bike, and am looking at adding a front pannier rack for a couple of more bags.
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File Type: jpg IMG_20150121_165051576.jpg (83.9 KB, 10 views)
File Type: jpg IMG_20150121_165104116.jpg (83.6 KB, 8 views)
File Type: jpg IMG_20150121_165114669.jpg (86.8 KB, 7 views)

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