Anyone own or ridden an xtracycle radish?

I've gooooogled looking for reviews of it, but haven't found any. It seems to be the best option for me for these reasons:

I can't find a new or used steel frame mtb in my size (I'm 6ft but live in Okinawa), and my current bike has a crack in the frame so is no good, which puts me in the market for a new bike, my choices there are BD (too expensive, tho I am sure it's great), Kona Ute (not enough carrying capacity), Mundo (thought about it but too heavy for longish commutes in a hilly area, tho I still kind of want one) or last up the Radish, which looks good tho I may need to upgrade the gears to cope with my hilly area.

Nevertheless since I'll be buying over the internet I can't test ride it, so I'd be very reassured if I could read about someone elses experience with it. Anyone own (or at least ridden) one? Alternatively, anyone point me to a review of one, my goooogling has been coming up with very little.