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    NFA Vehicles Utility Bikes Video Archive

    In case you haven't guessed, I obtained a DVD recorder last week, so I can now transfer my videotape collection to DVD, which in turn fits in the slot on my computer, so I can broadcast the video on YouTube.

    Here are the Type 5 AND Type 6, together at the same time. Volunteers are doing the pedaling, so I can stand by and run the Camcorder:

    Here is the Type 5 on a downhill run:

    Two More Downhill Runs:

    This video shows how to install the handlebar clamps of the Type 7A, which serves as a handlebar basket:

    Barrier Impact Test- The Type 4 was used for a barrier impact test. The car companies crash test their cars, so I figured I should crash test a Human Powered Vehicle. There is a 70 pound piece of lead (boat ballast) in the fairing:

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    Hotbike.....I am continually amazed at your innovation and the obviously high R&D costs you have incurred....we all know how expensive crash testing is.
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    '89 Miyata 1400
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