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    96 Stumpjumper with fenders?

    I am putting fenders, Planet Bike, on my Stumpjumper. It has a front suspension and the front fork is not drilled of course. Down at the drop outs there is a fairly large area that I could drill and tap for a .5mm thread which would then allow me to mount the fender stays. The bridge had a hole useable for the top fender clip. Has anyone else mounted fenders on hard tail ATB/MTB with front suspensions? Does anyone see a problem with drilling the dropouts for .5mm screws. I am a mechanic, aviation, the job would be done precisely by myself.

    I do not want to do anything to the Stumpie that would ruin it's value or primary purpose, a mountain bike, but I don't see the holes to be an issue, thus my question.

    Also I removed the awful knobbies and installed Specialized Nimbus 1.5 tires. I also installed a Bontager rear rack and bar end mirror. The intention is to use the Stumpie as a commuter/utility until I find another bike and then return my Stumpie to ATB configuration.

    I would be interested in other issues with using hardtail with front suspension MTB bikes for commuter and utility.

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    The dropout of a shock fork is that big for a reason. Drilling the dropout will weaken it considerably.

    Using cable ties, I mount my fender to the bridge that links each side of the fork. Because my fork has V-brake mounts, I also added a U-shaped brake stiffener to it as a second bridge to mount the fender.

    The fender now goes up and down with the tire and is close enough to prevent and side spray.

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