I've got a spare IronHorse AT20 that I want t convert into something of a hauler for commuting and grocery runs, since the grocery store is only a mile, and work and WalMart are three miles. Hills are long, but not particularly challenging, though I expect a heavy load would change that.

I'd also like to have a trailer that will work with it or a road bike so that I can have the option of either taking the IH with increased capacity or, when I find a road bike, being able to take it without having to mount anything other than attaching the trailer. I'm trying to keep the budget as low as possible without buying utter garbage.

The IronHorse:
  • Needs a new freewheel and shifters
  • Needs new tires
  • Will probably get new pedals with toeclips (don't want to clop around the grocery store on cleats and work requires slip-resistant steel toes)
  • Needs lights

Since it's mostly on lighted roads, I don't really need kilolumen battery munchers. I'll probably go with plain WalMart stuff for that. Any advice on the other parts?

The trailer:
  • Probably a variant of the brazed conduit homebuilt BOB copies
  • Doesn't need a huge capacity, though 30 lbs weight capacity or a bulk pack of toilet paper should fit
  • Will the 16" wheel I have laying around work, or should I find a 20"? I'll probably build it with clearance for a 24" even if I use the 16" so I'm not stuck.
  • What sort of hitch setup should I use to make it able to go from the IH to a full-suspension MTB to a road bike as easily as possible?