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    'Big Dummy' is a bicycle built for everything (video)

    The Big Dummy appeared in a Newspaper article today, and they even included a video!
    The Big Dummy is getting popular:

    "By Mary Kenkel
    The Post-Bulletin, Rochester MN

    Rich Jirsa's bicycle is nearly 45 pounds. It's about as long as a tandem bike, but it only has one seat. It can carry up to 400 pounds, and it's helpful with grocery shopping.

    It is also helpful in wife-to-husband jokes, all based on the bike's name: Big Dummy.

    "That's been the subject of a lot of jokes," his wife, Claudia, laughed.

    Their three adult children have also picked up on the endless joke possibilities.

    "They tease me that the 'Big Dummy' is very appropriate," Jirsa said. "It's been a sore sport since I got it."

    Jirsa got the bike as a 59th-birthday present last November. Then, that month, he rode it to the grocery store to pick up Thanksgiving dinner.

    "I carried a turkey, sweet potatoes, potatoes, milk, pop, some bread for stuffing," he said, "plus some food for the next few days."

    The groceries fit into pouches strapped across the back of the bicycle. Jirsa said he has to be smart about how he packs the food before riding home.

    "It's really amazing how much he can carry," Claudia said. "Sometimes he comes home and you forget that he didn't take a car."..."

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    At this point the big dummy is almost boring mainstream.

    Hotbike I think you need to get your design team going and see what you do to top the big dummy, with your usual flair.
    '82 Nishiski commuter/utility
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    '89 Miyata 1400
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