For those of us without a well-stocked LBS, (The closest one to me only had one rack under $70, and it was a different brand of the seatpost Schwinn rack Walmart has.) this is a pretty good deal for under $33 shipped to me in TX.

Ordered Thursday, got it Monday, mounted it, rode 15 miles on semi-rough roads (with no load) to let it settle in, and it appears pretty solid. It's alloy tubing, (and even lighter than I expected - I thought the box was empty until it rattled) so I wouldn't load it down like a heavy steel rack, but for commuting on the 7100, it should do fine.

The main attraction for me is that it's actually pannier-ready, instead of the $50+ racks that you can get an optional $20+ pannier frame for. Now to homebrew some commuting panniers