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    How many mounts do you have on your bike? This is gettin' a bit silly!

    As I was hoisting my bike to the rafters this evening after a nice, little ride with the kid, I noticed its heft particularly, and upon consideration, realized that I have 4 different hitch mounts on the bike!

    I've got the trail-a-bike hitch on the seatpost,

    the sidecar mount on the bottom bracket,

    a Burley hitch for the Tanjor trailer on the non-drive side rear dropout,

    and hitches on both rear dropouts for the single wheel trailer...

    Whew! I need to economize!

    Are any of the rest of you OH'd? (Over-hitched?)

    Chaad--'95 DeKerf Team SL, '02 Lemond Buenos Aires, '05 Novara Buzz, '73 Schwinn Collegiate, '06 Mountain Cycle Rumble, '09 Dahon Mariner D7, '12 Mercier Nano, '12 Breezer Venturi

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    I'm just sitting at one hitch currently for my carryfreedom trailer, on the non drive side dropout
    2008 Giant Rincon, multi-purpose commuting, trail riding.
    1980's Raleigh Century
    1970's Apollo Deelite
    Carry Freedom Large Y-Frame Flat Deck Trailer
    2011 Tall bike
    Confronting Stigma

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