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    Downtown Centers - Restricted

    Just think! All public motorized traffic restricted from all downtown centers within a two-mile radius. All transportation will be restricted to bicycles, Ricshaw bicycles, trolley cars, and e-buses, only. There will be no petro-burning vehicles at all, and no taxi cabs in particular. There could be a total of eight e-buses that run in opposite directions, with two trolley cars that run North-S. The e-buses will then run East-W.

    You could park somewhere on the outskirts of the downtown two-mile limit, at one of the mega-urban-security-patroled parking lots. From there, you can either cycle to your downtown destination, or you can take the trolley to a specified e-bus. Bicycle racks will be set on both sides of each street, near each intersection.

    Sidewalks will be for pedestrians only, where you might see Food Carts and Food Courts. Eating Alfresco will be the norm. You might also see Kiosks where vendors will display their goods for sale.

    Don't feel like walking at all, hire a Ricshaw bicycle (a Pedicycle)!

    All downtown destinations will be within ten minutes of your arrival...


    Let's Restrict All Downtown Centers for Fresh Air, Greater Relaxation, Safe Cycling, and Petro-free Transportation!

    There should be many plants everywhere, including trees. A central fountain would be nice too!
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