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    Internal frame knapsack/backpack?

    I usually take a knapsack with me when I get groceries on my bike in case I don't have enough basket space and to carry fragile items. I'd like to get one with an internal frame because a frame will transfer the weight to the belt more efficiently so there is less strain on the shoulders. (When I got home from the store yesterday I found I had strained some muscles in my neck from riding with a heavy load in my knapsack).

    Can anyone recommend an internal frame pack with a large capacity but which is not too large to wear while sitting on a bike? The top of my rear basket is about level with the top of the seat on my bike so a regular camping backpack would be too long - my bike is designed for the rider to sit upright. I will probably use the same pack if the weather was too snowy or icy and I had to walk to the store.


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    Impossible to answer unless we get more info. Are you going to buy it on the internet or buy locally? If you are in the US (I guess that you are since you say nothing about it) it is of no help for you if I tell you what I would buy locally where I live. Also backpacks is like shoes. What fits me could be wrong for you.

    Personally I would buy panniers (front and back if needed) before buying a backpack for bike use. Only thing I would maybe carry on my back when on a bike is a laptop or eggs.

    I sometimes use a light backpack when riding a foldingbike in a city or similar when I fold the bike several times in a day and/or go in and out of shops a lot.

    Edit: read trough the sticky "Post your utility bike thread" on the top of this page to see how others carry groceries and stuff on a bike.
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