I decided I wanted a bamboo deck and running boards on my Mundo, so I would forego the recycled plastic ones Yuba sells when ordering my bike.

It now occurs to me that Yuba might offer some accessory in the future designed to work specifically with the standard top deck, so it would be good to make mine a copy of the standard design. But I don't have one to copy.

I know it would be a pain to take out all the screws, but if you ever need to pull your top deck for some reason, could you take a few minutes and trace the outline and cutouts on a piece of butcher paper or similar?

I understand that the V4 deck differs from the earlier versions, so it needs to be a V4 deck.

I don't think the exact shape of the running boards would matter much, but if it were handy, I wouldn't mind having a pattern for those as well.

I'm going to be making a floor for my breadbasket (front, frame mounted carrier) as well, and would be willing to make another to swap for the deck pattern.