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    XL Frameset for dutch style bike?

    I have a "Free Spirit" Sears bike from 1984 that is WAY too small for me, but I put LONG stem and seat post on it to see if I liked the VERY upright geometery. I mean I am vertical torso when I ride this thing. Is there a frameset out there, for a 6'4" guy, that accomplishes the same thing? I figure there's the Electra stuff, but you can't buy a frameset as far as I know. I guess there's Linus bikes out there too? What else?

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    What about looking for an older or newer frame that fits you (at least better than the present one) and "dutchify" it? We have done that with both old MTB`s and lighter bikes. Did a medium quality Pug for my BF, he is tall. We put 584 wheels on it to be able to fit wider tyres. You can use IGH with coaster brake or drumbrake front and rear to avoid the whole "how to get the brakes to fit" problem.

    A tip. A bike made for dropbars that is dutchifyed is going to feel bigger when you put swept back bars on it.
    A dark or black bike w black seatpost is kind of hiding the fact that the seatpost is looong.
    Bars with plenty rise hides the fact that the stem needs to be long. Also avoid the typical dutch tall stems if you can, choose one with an angle and some rise also to make it look less long.
    Also a sprung saddle gives the effect of seatpost looking shorter.

    The Søgreni bikes have a high stem (but not so high seat).
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