We just found our "release" dates at my plant. It is considered by my current company to be an obsolete fabrication plant, so they want to offload it. I have less than a year. No biggy, at least they are giving us a good heads up on it, instead of just shutting the doors.

It just worked out that I decided to get my utility bike around this point in my life. I'll start using it for errands to save on gas costs and help keep me in shape. I still do training rides on the road bike and trail rides on the MTB, but this will work out with being useful.

Even if I cannot find a job after the place closes down, I'll still have my utility bike, which costs hardly anything to keep operational. Even if gas goes up, at least that will be one expenditure that I will not have to worry about.

I am eager to see what unfolds in front of me. I always think that when one door closes, another opens.

I almost want to call the LBS to see what the ETA is on my bike....

I am being impatient....I know.