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    Tires for Worksman rims

    I have a Worksman Low Gravity that is used as my daily commuter.

    She currently wears a set of the Worksman 20x2.125 & 26x2.125 tires (50 psi) that are mounted on the steel rims.

    I'd like to put a set of the Kenda Kwest 100 psi tires on her, but they come in 1.50 width.

    Is it safe to put that narrow a tire on the Worksman rim?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Gary, one issue I had with my Worksman cruiser and the stock steel rims is that the edge of the rim is a rolled section that is not quite sealed off, and occasionally, I'd have flats where the tube tried to expand into that area. I think if you went with a much higher pressure, that would be more severe. Some of the 26" and 20" Worksman rims and tires are a fairly "loose" fit, where the tire can be a little bit off-centered, and that issue would be worse with a higher-pressure tire. Otherwise, there is a fair bit of flexibility in what tire fits what rim
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