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I think all of the suggestions above could work.

mr,grumpy, despite chaadster's tone (and yours), he makes a good point. Trailers are quite visible. I've been pulling a trailer on and off for 24 years. Drivers think there's a kid in my trailer (though my kids are adults now, and I only tow cargo). As a result, they drive cautiously around me. I feel having a trailer enhances my safety.

I've had one close call in all these years, and we did not end up getting hit. That was in a part of New Jersey where people drive particularly badly, and New Jersey is a state with a reputation for bad drivers, and it's a reputation that is earned.
Yes. I had to revisit some of the things that he said but… he started it. I still can't wrap my mind around the full-sized trailer though. I went and bought a Trek TAB and he loves it but it's still so long. And I'm afraid that he'll loose attention and fall off (a t the worst possible moment of course). I am considering a single-wide trailer at this pint or even a cargo bike. I have ridden the big on the rack that should hold his Topek seat and he likes it so the transition to cargo bike should be painless. I have a lot of time and money wrapped up in all this junk and I'll tell you what, I hosed myself big-time by not just buying an xtracycle when the boy was born.