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    kone ute 26" wheel with fatter tires

    Anyone have decent luck doing a conversion?

    I have had a ute since it was released. Great bike, and I have lots of km's on it. But it's quite beat up now. I am going to have to strip it, and rebuild once the snow is gone i think. I am toying with the idea of dropping to 26" wheels and squeezing on the largest float tires i can.

    I also have a 907 fat bike, and i love the roll on it. I'd like to fat up my Ute. I think it would handle a lot better around town with a load or kids on it.

    Looking for anyone helpful feedback. Tire size? experiances? whatever.

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    Some friends of mine ride a tandem on gravel rides and recently switched their 700-size wheels with some form of 650? size wheels with big tires. He said the OD of the tires was the same as with the 700's. Not sure exactly what rims/tires he is using to do that. The tires looked about 2" wide.

    Edit: I think it's the same size as on this bike- the 780 may be rim diameter, 650b wheel size...I think:
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