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    What should I consider for a high end, upright city bike to also tow my kids?

    I'm looking for an upright ride with flat bars, but an otherwise light frame with road tires. I am an enthusiast roadie but my current bike can't accept a rack or child seat and it can't tow a trailer. I live in NYC and I can only have one bike, so I want a fast, light weight bike that I can take out for 20 mile loops on my own, but I also need to be able to attach a rack or child seat so I can bring the kids.

    This bike literally hangs from my ceiling in my apartment (over a desk) so as a result I'm considering all kinds of options like internally geared hubs and belt drives (for the clean factor).

    For a starting point, let's use the Seven Cycles Expat S as the prototype bike I'm considering.

    Looking for the following:
    Upright riding style
    Flat bars
    Ti frame that can accommodate standard racks, child seats, and pull a child trailer
    Possibly an integrated geared hub
    Possibly a belt drive

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    That doesn't look much like an upright riding position to me...

    Handlebars need to be above seat level. Not sure what is out there that will do double duty for you.


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    Here are several options that may work for you...


    Breezer Bikes - Downtown 8 - Bike Overview

    Shift Comfort - Trek Bicycle Trek also sells a trailer....
    Pedal Trailers - Trek Bicycle

    I personally am preferential towards Fuji & Breezer, but there are bikes out there, such as a European city bike that may fit your needs. Trailers are another thing, some hook to rear hub, others hook to seatpost. Then there are dual and single wheel to pick from. I would suggest going with the lightest most comfortable bike you can find, and a durable trailer with a very secure mount system, after all these are your kids!

    - Andy
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    Why Titanium, money to burn? custom Ti then , they will do as you request..

    work with the builder ..

    Gates belts and the IGH would be a good combination .. in fact the belt requiredthe IGH or just 1 speed

    Tout terrain offers a Belt drive ready frame ,but in steel alloy tubes .. Peter white in NH

    a sales tax free state carries them so a short drive from NYC.. {save a bit vs the ny+nyc rates)

    Trailers with 2 wheels usually tow from a left axle end connection.. thats pretty flexible .. any QR or nutted hub.

    I could tow a trailer with a Brompton those fold up and can be stowed under a table , ditto my rohloff hub bike , it has Qr Axle.

    then the trailer may fold flat ..

    I realize a square foot in NYC is expensive..

    but you have somebody selling most any bike imported to the USA there.

    Oregon's bike Friday you gain storage space with smaller wheels .. then ..

    3 wheel types 2 20" 406 and 451 , and the 349 16" wheel ..

    on a larger scale Larry vs Harry's Bullit cargo bikes

    the kids will be in front of you and not in the trailer .. might be better in city traffic ..

    probably roll it in and stand it on end in a corner, OK. .. it's mostly Heat treated Aluminum.
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    A great many bikes can tow a trailer. I'm pretty hooked on trailers. I've been using them since my older daughter was 8 months old. She's 25 years old now. When the kids got too big to ride in the trailer, I used it to haul cargo. It goes on and off quickly. I usually don't feel it, and it doesn't affect the bike's handling. I even hook it to my racing bike occasionally. It's great. Another benefit is that if I fall or get knocked off the bike, the trailer is very likely to stay upright.
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    The Scott Sub Speed 10 has been on my radar for a bit. I test rode one a while back, really nice ride. Belt driven internal 8 Speed (Alfine IIRC). So quiet and so smooth. Felt really sporty, which I find I usually can't say about IGH bikes. The only thing for me is I don't think I'm going to like dealing with the belt-tension and flat-repair complications that are inherent with any IGH and belt driven setup. But, then is a sweet bike. $1300 at REI.

    SCOTT Sub Speed 10 Bike - SCOTT Sports

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