Ok this may be a stupid questions or something but I need to know the answer. I have a vintage 10 speed that I ride with my 18mo old in a seat on the back (it attaches to a clip in thing that is on my seat tube. We went on a 20km ride in the rain this morning and noticed the seat had twisted a bit. Upon inspection at home I discovered that the seat holding mechanism twisted a bit when we reclined the seat, no big deal however I guess I put that part over a decal and noticed the decal has started to shift (it was perfectly smooth before and I see wrinkles now) So this leaves me with a couple of concerns it the decal rips and it slides down a bit or just that the decal gets damaged (I wont be heart broken as I care more about my son's safety but after this bike has been safely and super well taken care of for the last 32 years I kinda would like it to not get totally ruined). Anyway I am wondering if there is a way to fix this problem and prevent the shifting in the future. I dont think I can really lower it too much. Can I put something between the bracket and the frame to add more grip/protection or does that make it super unsafe? Thanks.