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    Especially on the road bike, with bike stuff, and every where except the commuter bike it's nothing.

    On the commuter, shorter rides, hybrid saddle and for modesty getting off and on the bike, running shorts with built in briefs. They do great for yard work and grass cutting (I use a push mower). Cool and comfy, rinse out when done and they dry quick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by osco53 View Post
    Jockey 'Skimmies' they come in black, nude and several other colors, 4 and 6 inch inseams.

    They are in the ladies section,
    Extremely comfortable, think light duty light weight thin spandex/lycra bike shorts with no padding.
    They move with you but are tight enough to hold a mans gear up and away from the saddle,,
    On my mountain bike this is VERY Important. Breathable shorts on top and your good to go.
    I sweat and they dry pretty quick..

    NO seams that I can feel anywhere, and they stay put, no creeping up or down.
    My 34" waist fits the L or the XL with no preference, they also have XXL, good prolly up to a 38" waist.
    Good for a couple of dozen long hard rides or more, I found them at an outlet mall 2 pair for $14

    My wife made me try them, got tired of me complaining about various issues while riding In the hot sticky Southern weather..

    Of course if you have gender hang ups look elsewhere.
    1st pic, is the short ones:
    Attachment 395794Attachment 395795

    One poster mentioned panty hose,, these are softer by far, way WAY more durable also.
    When I saw pantyhose mentioned, I thought of these.

    You can also buy leggings at any big box store that end mid thigh to mid calf in every size for a lot less.

    As for 'gender hang-ups' , if they are good enough for Patrick Stewart, they are good enough for any man.
    Just one of those dirty pinko commies some people worry about.

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    Men's Buck Naked Performance Boxer Briefs - Duluth Trading

    Awesome stuff. Wicks perpspiration, dries quickly and breaths.

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