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Utility Cycling Want to haul groceries, beer, maybe even your kids? You don't have to live car free to put your bike to use as a workhorse. Here's the place to share and learn about the bicycle as a utility vehicle.

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Old 07-05-14, 09:25 PM   #1
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summer underwear?

After riding on some errands today, then sitting and watching the Netherlands vs. Costa Rica match, it occurred to me that my somewhat sweaty cotton tighty-whities weren't exactly comfortable.

Does anyone know of a better option for the warm summer months?

I've never been one for boxers, so I think it would come down more to the material.

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Last year when preparing for a trip in the Caribbean I picked up some Hanes 50/50 "comfort blend". They are quite a bit better at wicking than the full cotton, I make a point of wearing them on hotter days. There may be some better ones available, but time was short and they were available at my local Target.
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Wool. Bacteria doesn't grow on it so you can air it out and reuse, it wicks well, thermo-regulating, no funk due to no bacterial growth, . . .
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Old 07-05-14, 10:46 PM   #4
covered in cat fur
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None at all an option for you?
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Old 07-06-14, 12:07 PM   #5
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No underwear.
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Originally Posted by amdoo View Post
Wool. Bacteria doesn't grow on it so you can air it out and reuse, it wicks well, thermo-regulating, no funk due to no bacterial growth, . . .
Wool underwear? Yuch!
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Originally Posted by I-Like-To-Bike View Post
Wool underwear? Yuch!
Seriously, Merino wool is super comfy.
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Synthetic blend or wool tend to dry out faster, though the former get a stench quickly. I would also consider using boxer-briefs, due to less chaffing between the legs when you do sweat ('cuz you're gonna). There are also some pretty low-profile bike undershorts that work acceptably; certainly better than cotton underwear, though not as well as full-blown bike shorts.
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Old 07-07-14, 01:55 PM   #9
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When I was commuting full time in summers I used triathlon shorts because they were the only ones that would completely dry under my desk every time between the commute in and the one home and putting on wet shorts was the worst. Those might work for you. Pad is super thin.
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Old 07-08-14, 06:06 AM   #10
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Denim shorts with no undies. Denim, being a little thicker and softer, is ideal on saddles.

On another note, I've tried the padded bike shorts and found the padding to be very uncomfortable. I've often had the thought that I must not be wearing them correctly, since I can't imagine how anybody could want to subject their jewels to such torture . . . but I haven't bothered experimenting.
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Old 07-08-14, 07:06 AM   #11
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I hate the crotch seams in denim pants, worn riding on a bike . [ymmv]
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underwears? We don't need no stinking underwears!
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I'm putting myself at risk by sharing "too much information" but I compared multiple underwear vendors a couple of years ago and ended up selecting Tommy John brand as the most comfortable. They are not cheap, but they last, are super-comfortable, and keep my junk in place without feeling cramped.

If I'm riding my road bike, I'm travelling underwear free with Assos bib shorts and tons of chamois cream (can't seem to over-apply).
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Old 07-08-14, 11:06 AM   #14
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I like either the Smartwool or Exofficio boxer briefs if you are willing to go that route. Exofficio also makes some briefs from the same material as the boxer briefs but like someone mentioned the seams can be a chafing issue if you use any type of briefs. I also tried some tri shorts from Voler that were comfortable.
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Old 07-09-14, 07:01 AM   #15
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Do some internet research on what professional back-country guides give their "Total dude never rode a horse before and now is going to ride one all day" customers to wear. Worn by females primarily in every day life but for that application are used by both sexes although most of the males usually will not wear them until after the first day of saddle chaffing.

They work for bicycle riding as well, any season. Best in summer when worn under denim with nothing but them and the denim.

Also military issued to U.S. Special Forces in the beginning of the Afghanistan War when they were riding horse back with the northern alliance. For a bike you don't need full length ones that go down all the way to your feet (but for horse back you do want the long ones) they do make ones (called by a different name I'm pretty sure) that only go down to above the knee but are harder to find and more expensive especially in the one smooth continuous piece configuration that you want. You obviously don't want the open or flap crotch ones you want the one smooth continuous piece ones.

"Pantyhose" if you haven't already guessed. I have used them both for bike and horse-back only for long rides though. It works really well. Granted I don't normally tell anyone and can get a little red in the face about it but they work so well it can be worth a little embarrassment especially for long distance all day riding where your putting in 8+ hours.

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When I am running errands in the summer I wear J&G tour shorts with nothing under them.
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Cycling? For crying out loud, wear proper cycling shorts and underwear is a moot point. Now, off the bike, bamboo is also anti-bacterial as well as wool. When I commute, cycling shorts. When I cruise, cycling shorts. When it is cold, wool tights (1984) over my cycling shorts. I also have a modern poly-pro set of tights with an integrated pad.
Underwear only hurts and makes blisters when cycling.
When off the bike, wear a kilt. Then you don't pack underwear. You can take the kilt to look "decent" off the bike and slide it on and off, over regular cycling shorts, even in a busy parking lot without getting busted for indecent exposure. Comfort and good looks. When really off the bike with no cycling shorts, KILT. Who needs underwear...
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Old 07-13-14, 02:47 PM   #18
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Merino wool. It works best when your shorts are also breathable. I am really liking Merino under linen lately.
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Lightweight merino wool if it's not to hot, bamboo if it is, cotton when circumstances allow it, there is also synthetics with silver nanocoating. During the match i would have probably go with bamboo.

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I am down with all of the commando suggestions, but if that's not your thing, I have been very happy with Ex Officio synthetic boxers. I've also been known to wear a bathing suit most of the time. If you are putting down serious miles, definitely go with bike shorts.
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ZAKK microfiber briefs with clasps. Like so:

Clasp thong for men, Zakk Brief with Clasps

Easy to change out, summer or winter, without removing the rest of your clothing.
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Underwear? I'm free
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aka Tom Reingold
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Expensive but very nice. I went crazy and bought about eight pairs. If this thread isn't TMI yet, now it will be:

I'm more fastidious about changing my socks than my underwear. Fungal infections in the feet last for life. No matter what, I change my socks every day. With these nylon briefs, I can get away with changing every two or three days. Plus they are quick dry, so when I feel energetic but not ready to do a load of laundry, I can wash them at night and wear them again the next day. But I'm usually lazier than that.
Originally Posted by noglider
Please email me rather than PM'ing me. Thanks.
Tom Reingold,
New York City and High Falls, NY
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Medic Zero 
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I wear bib shorts (with a chamois) summer or winter. 10 hilly miles each way to work and back is enough for me to not be able wear street underclothes for my commute, and usually my pleasure or utility rides end up being a good 20 miles (at least) too. Once in a blue moon I'll wear some synthetic boxer briefs for a short ride, but I did that just last week for an 18 mile ride and my tush was a little saddle sore after. No chaffing, so they're okay in that regard, which is most important to me, but evidently 18 miles was a bit much for me in non-padded shorts, if I don't want to be a little tender afterwards, and that's despite riding at least three days a week, every week, year round. Makes me glad I don't usually let me rear get de-conditioned!

I'm very partial to Aerotech Designs bib shorts. Extremely durable, and a choice of sizes for us larger sized folks. I've found bib shorts to be very comfortable on the bike.
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Jockey 'Skimmies' they come in black, nude and several other colors, 4 and 6 inch inseams.

They are in the ladies section,
Extremely comfortable, think light duty light weight thin spandex/lycra bike shorts with no padding.
They move with you but are tight enough to hold a mans gear up and away from the saddle,,
On my mountain bike this is VERY Important. Breathable shorts on top and your good to go.
I sweat and they dry pretty quick..

NO seams that I can feel anywhere, and they stay put, no creeping up or down.
My 34" waist fits the L or the XL with no preference, they also have XXL, good prolly up to a 38" waist.
Good for a couple of dozen long hard rides or more, I found them at an outlet mall 2 pair for $14

My wife made me try them, got tired of me complaining about various issues while riding In the hot sticky Southern weather..

Of course if you have gender hang ups look elsewhere.
1st pic, is the short ones:

One poster mentioned panty hose,, these are softer by far, way WAY more durable also.
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