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    Cargo Trailer Build on the cheap :D

    My goal,
    A bike trailer for my dog so I can take her with us on the Rails to Trails ride.
    and go get beer now and then...
    But with a secondary goal, It must not become expensive.

    The Master Cycle two kid trailer I found at a VFW post flea market for $15
    Only thing missing was the hitch, typical, most people leave that on the bike.

    I stripped the thing of all the canvas stuff as all I wanted was the rolling chassis.
    I then orderd through my 'LOCAL BIKE SHOP' a Burley hitch for $20...
    Yeah Yeah online I found it for $15 and saw other workable not as clean looking hitches for less.
    BUT I support my 'LOCAL BIKE SHOP'
    Point Made......

    The Tires are like new but the thing saw some use and lots of garage time so I got new tubes and rim tape.


    Tubes n tape, $12

    Total so Far,,$47

    I got a small thin 3 ply piece of plywood for a floor,, cost=zero.
    Nuts n bolts n screws, got plenty.
    Got a dog crate already,,
    and a dog,

    Maybe a can of spray on wood seal for the floor, so call it $50 done.

    The photo's:
    Thats a 70 pound floor jack in a 15 pound box and a 2 pound strap on the 16 lb chassis.
    Thats a 103 pounds, a Good stress test for the chassis ya think ?
    The Burley mount swung a bit forward when I got down hard on the brakes, I will correct that...
    My dog is only 31 pounds so estimated finished loaded trailer weight should land about 65 pounds

    It pulled and stopped just fine BUT

    As I read somewhere on some forum I need to shorten or rebend the drag bar to center the trailer
    behind my Tour Easy because it did make for an exciting U-turn with some mid swing braking for
    added stability XD
    Also I think that rat nasty mess of springs n safety straps on the tongue can be re-done to a lot neater cleaner set up..

    But as many of you know the low center of gravity and great stability of the LWB Tour Easy made this
    maneuvering surprise a breeze to recover from.
    Thank you again Mr. Gardner Martin, You Da Man, High Five biker !

    FYI peoples, Notice I have already upgraded my Tour Easy with the very strong Avid BB7 rear disk brake.
    I do not think this setup would be very safe with the stock rim brakes on this particular bike
    because the Tour Easy by design has a lightly loaded front wheel with very little forward weight shift on hard braking.
    Without the trailer I'd guestimate the rear brake does 70% of the stopping when going to full on brakes.
    with the trailer I think the rear brake is doing about 80-90%, This is just a feel when testing the point of wheel lock on the front.

    No point to all this, Just thought a few would like the read and of course, any pointers ?
    I am all ears.

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    “Get a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live.” Mark Twain

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