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    Need Trailer for Groceries: Is this a good one?

    Single wheel bike cargo trailer -- new

    I have a 1980's Cannondale road bike and I need a trailer to haul groceries with for myself.

    The trailer seems of steel construction, is maintained, and comes with a waterproof bag.

    Yay or nay? Price is firm.


    Folks that frequent the commuting section told me you're the ones to ask.

    The owner set a time for me to see it today at 2:45 PM. I'll have to make a decision then.


    If you don't think this trailer is a good deal for whatever reason, can you mention some other trailers I might be interested in?
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    This trailer is designed to be a pack mule for loooong trips. It will laugh at simple grocery loads!
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    Find out what the brand is! I have a similar trailer that was sold by Nashbar, it requires special nuts to attach to the bike. Nuts were on a bike that got stolen, parts NLA, trailer now useless. I would suggest buying a BobYak parts are still readily available. YMMV. Yes the trailer will haul the groceries.

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    "Steel: nearly a thousand years of metallurgical development
    Aluminum: barely a hundred
    Which one would you rather have under your butt at 30mph?"

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