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Thread: Gonna Kona!

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    Gonna Kona!

    I've been moping about here wondering how to get my feet off the ground and some wind in my hair, when I stumbled over this Utility thread.

    First thing that happened was I saw my old Trek utility bike, the one with carrot tops peeking out of the bags from a run to the store. Aha! now I'm home.

    Next, a big detour, because the nearest thing to anything but Specialized in my tiny corner of Alaska, is Kona, and now I am slain.

    The Kona Freerange Minute is the coolest thing in my world today, and I don't fall easily....
    A boat ride away is Juneau, and it seems they have a building with these beauties facing a forlorne winter seeking mates (like a Jack London story).

    Now some poor ditched shelterbike frame could show up and I'd take her in and sooth with oil and tools like when I pretend to know how to build a bike an 8 year old.

    but gee wiz.....the Kona Minute is just ready to happen, and is pretty much my total vision for rainy yogurt runs.

    I am now officially huntin one, maybe even a new old one ~ . ~

    All leads welcome....especially those with friendly shipping to Sitka.

    really like this fourm.....konas to the moderators....good positive tone don't happen on it's own.

    J H S
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    Those are cool looking bikes, but I really don't get the 700c wheels on a utility bike. All it does is raise the COG and arguably make the wheels weaker than the 26" wheeled cargo bikes. Just doesn't make sense to me.

    Being up in Alaska, I'd go with a Yuba and go semi-fat:

    Fat Yuba is IN THE HOUSE!!!!-

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