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Thread: Ninja Salmon

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    Ninja Salmon

    Yet another reason to avoid bike lanes, this time at night. The dreaded Ninja salmon*!

    Taking the lane at night will not only place you outside of the ninja salmon's path, but it will also give you better sight lines should your paths cross at an intersection or junction.

    Until LEO decide to start enforcing the laws that enhance safety, (Instead of laws that enhance traffic flow) we must take steps to protect ourselves.

    *Ninja: A scofflaw cyclist that wears dark clothing at night with no reflectors or lights. They tend to ride erratically and in a way that they suppose avoids getting in the way of automobiles.

    Salmon: A cyclist riding against traffic.
    Vehicular cycling techniques have not been tried and found difficult. They have been presumed difficult and not tried.

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    Amen. My helmet light has saved my bacon from these stealthy creatures on many occasions.

    Agreed: enforcement of the law for all vehicle operators is the only solution. Don't hold your breath.

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