My name is Mehdi Farsi. I am one of the owners of VeloVie (www.velovie.com). In October we re-launched the VeloVie brand. We want to reach out to all levels and riders to encourage you to try the NEW VeloVie. Our prices, quality, and service are impossible to beat. Here's a little bit about us... there will be more info soon:

Before we explain the back story, let’s address the VeloVie Code:

• Top-tier performance at direct-to-consumer pricing
• Carbon Axis Formula: proprietary fine-tuned selection and layup
• Unmixed group sets
• Free Barnett Bicycle Institute-licensed build on every bicycle
• 14-day "No-Questions-Asked" guarantee
• Free shipping
• VVLX: Loyalty Exchange Program

Formed in 2006 and based in Tempe, Arizona, VeloVie was founded on pure love for the sport of cycling, and a passion for creating the ultimate ride. We live for the bike, hence the name. If you know your stateside racing, you’re aware that the Valley of the Sun is a winter training and racing mecca. Coupled with Tucson just to the south, this region not only generates some of the country’s fastest racers, but also hosts some of the world’s best teams during the off-season. For decades now, Arizona’s road racing culture has been growing and thriving. VeloVie, always at the front of the pack, is proud to offer the best deals tested and championed by some of the area’s fastest teams.

We have whittled the bicycle buying experience down its most necessary skeletal factors. While we’re always happy to field questions, we believe that we’ve created our online market place to do most of the speaking for us.

Parts mix? Nope. All of our component packages are completely range-consistent. If you order SRAM Red, you get SRAM Red - total manufacturer’s spec, down to the last cable cap. We don’t cut a single corner. While the big-gun manufacturers out there will claim their blend of components works to place performance components just where they’re needed, our years of experience working with customers has taught us that nothing works quite as beautifully as a 100% thoroughbred component group.

Pick your Reynolds wheels, pick the trim level of your FSA cockpit, and if your discerning taste demands the absolute premium, go for the Rotor cranks - but rest assured, there are no surprises. It’s as simple and honest as a custom-spec’d build can get.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Mehdi Farsi, VeloVie.