In the back of your mind, you still think you’re supposed to go to your local bike shop, spend between $5,000 - $10,000, and buy one of the big brand names that collect dust on the shelf. That’s just “what you do”, right? Overpay for equivalent technology? Buy lesser quality carbon because you “trust the brand” – because they also made your spouse’s cruiser, your mountain bike, and your steel commuter from college? Pay thousands extra at full retail (and tax) because you’re unsure about ordering on that scary old thing called the internet?

Part of you is trying convince the other part of you that VeloVie can’t be as good as you think it is, right? We’ve seen this song-and-dance before, it’s ok. This is a big decision. Here are the nuts-and-bolts to why VeloVie is the right choice for you, and why overpaying for the big-brands in traditional bike shops is ridiculous.

- New Low Pricing

Our prices used to be slightly higher. We changed our direction a bit and lowered the prices more than the already low-price of old. “Why’d you do that, did you start using cheap carbon or something?” No, actually, our quality did not change at all -- in fact we’ve made some minor improvements to a few things since then. We lowered our prices because we want everyone on a VeloVie. Power in numbers. Your price on a VeloVie is below what your bike shop likely buys their inventory for (from the big brands). Crazy to think, crazier to ignore.

- Free Shipping and Free Returns

“You get what you pay for”, right? Did you ever notice that it’s people who want your money who say that all the time?

Almost all VeloVie customers end up saying the same thing… “I bought my VeloVie knowing what a good deal it was, but I wasn’t sure if the quality would be as great as my friends really expensive carbon bike, but I am amazed at how light/stiff/fast this is!”

So, to avoid leaving you feeling concerned about the quality, we let you ride it for 2 weeks and return it if you don’t like it. We include the return box and the return label. If the VeloVie doesn’t impress you, ship it back for free and we will refund ALL of your money. Oh, and we ship for free in the first place. Testing a VeloVie on familiar roads for 2 weeks will cost you NOTHING. No ugly break-up, no hassle -- return label is included in the package.

- Premier Quality

VeloVie frames; light, stiff, durable, and fit/finish. That’s the focus. On top of that, we only work with the finest companies on the market to tie our complete bikes together; Sram, Reynolds, FSA, Essor, Michelin, and ROTOR.

No off-brand or mixed components. No compromised materials. This is race-grade cycling at it’s finest. Please visit our Technology page for more details on the frames and the carbon used to make them.

- VeloVie Value Demonstration

VeloVie Bicycles is where you come to get value; you pay a little and you get a lot. We’re lighter, stronger, stiffer, cheaper, and, if we may, better looking. One of those may be subjective, but here’s the pudding on how VeloVie stacks up on the objective ones.

Each model was laid out against comparably equipped competitors (same group set and wheels). We spread out the models and the component groups to show a variety of examples across the market.