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Recently, caught up with a well known Phoenix UC couple and decided to interview them since they are both fast, both a bit nuts, and both ride the UC. So here are a few questions we asked Lee-Ann Beatty and Brad Wilhelm! (LA = Lee-Ann):

UC: Tell me your Ages?

LA: thirty*cough, cough* three

Brad: 38 going on 29

UC: Dating how long?

LA: 2 years in April

Brad: 4 years (2 years stalking + 2 years dating)

UC: What bikes do you each have / ride?

LA: The Almighty Velovie Vitesse 400

Brad: a for sale 2012 Trek Madone 5.2

UC: What are some races you have done so far in 2013? Any notables?

LA: 2013, ALL of them. 2012/2013 Back-to-back wins at Hungry dog crit !

If you’re really that interested see ALL of my results at,

Brad: just working on Cat-ing up.

UC: We always see you with your dogs so tell us their names?

Pueblo, CAT 1 Catahoula Leopard Hound, AKA ‘The Puebs’. Then there is Lava, Our geriatric Rottweiler/Grizzly Bear Mix. And finally Sookie, Pueblo’s Rottweiler Girlfriend

UC: Tell us about your hobbies? Interests?

Dog training, (Brad operates a dog training business on the side) His and hers sport bikes (matching GSXR’s), Mountain biking/racing, Traveling 7 hours to race for 25 minutes

UC: 7 hours to a race? Where do you live?

The Moon aka, Maricopa. A guaranteed hour away from EVERYTHING!

UC: Do you have any favorite pro cyclists?

LA: Marianne Vos, the chick can’t stop winning!

Brad: I am my favorite Pro cyclist…Duh

UC: How about a favorite gel or bar or stuff you put in your bottle while training?

Before our rides, Visalus GO. During our rides, Visalus PRO. After for recovery, Visalus Vi-Shape Shake.

We love Visalus products!!!!!

UC: When did you both start riding – how did you start racing?

LA: I started riding in 2001. My boyfriend at the time built me up a mountain bike with no rear brakes and clipless pedals and pushed me off a cliff. I was hooked. Started racing in 2006 when I dumped the last guy and started dating a PRO roadie.

Brad: Started riding in 97 because I was fat. Started racing mtn bikes in 99 when I drove an hour to ride my favorite trail, only to find it closed that day for a race. I entered so I could ride and became addicted. Started racing road in 2012 under the influence of L.A. Beatty.

UC: And of course tell us what team you race for now?

We both proudly race for Body by Vi p/b VeloVie Cycling Team

UC: Anything else we should be aware of?

LA: In 2010 I was fortunate to have the opportunity to race in Europe. The results were less than optimal but the experience was priceless. Brad also works as a tour guide giving mountain bike tours around Phoenix and van tours of Sedona and the Grand Canyon.

Well, that’s it from us here at – hope you liked catching up on some local riders! Stay tuned for a few more of these down the road!