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"I took my new Vitesse 500 (Carboner Jam or CJ, from here on out) out for a first long(ish) spin on Sunday. I wanted to take CJ, somewhere I hadnít ridden yet and I have been wanting to go do the Big T loop all summer (Iím always going up Mt. Wilson or GMR) but hadnít gotten to it yet. I have also been wanting to do a scout for a Mt. Gleason ride and after seeing Johnís post on that exact ride last week, I had to go ride some of it. I only did the Big T to Upper T to Clear Creek and back to the city due to plans later that day, it was a Scouting mission, for a Mt. Gleason ride later this month. It was a sweet 60 mile loop through Glendale, La Crescenta and some other neighborhoods that I havenít ridden through in quite some time, then up through Big T to Clear Creek then back down to Glendale and then home. I was excited to stretch the new whip and seeing how she handles almost 5000 feet of climbing and descending in 60 miles. Damn, I was impressed. I already love to climb and this bike chews them up. We flew up up the mountain roads with ease, and once the climbing was done, I was still ready for more. Iím not the strongest descender, but with this bike under me, I was raging down the mountain back to Glendale like a mad man (for me, lol). Iím very impressed by the 500 and canít wait take this roadie on some longer ride missions and race the hell out of it."