A testimonial
"Some cyclists look down at online bike companies, but truth told they shouldn't judge a book by its cover. With VeloVie you can see right from the start its going to be a great read. The online process is simple, and easy to use right from start to checkout. Sean and I had lots of fun picking an choosing online, as well as communicating directly with people on the other end to make sure we got exactly what we were looking for to fit us right.

After riding on a carbon race Devinci SL X ($6000) with DI2 for the last year I thought nothing could be better. I enjoyed massive mile adventures daily filled with hilly climbs. After only one week on my new Vitesse 500 I could not believe how smooth the ride was. Mind blowing!

The frame is Light, stiff, reliable, comfortable, and responsive. In no particular order. I rode roughly 150 miles and climbed 3000ft of elev with no worries, and no issues from the bike. Shifting with the SRAM Red 22 was effortless. I made one small change to the bike in another saddle but only cause I had one on hand.

Sean and I both chose the Vitesse 500, SRAM Red 22, FSA Carbon Cockpits, and ESSOR Wheelsets. We went with the top of the line for everything. However when choosing your build, custom is one of VeloVie's top priorities, and making sure it all fits in your budget.

The Vitesse 500 gets in the face of virtually every other performance/race focused carbon brand in the gram game and at a price point for a full build thatís less than several frame-only options. And itís from a company thatís been around a while now. Right now I donít know of a better price point from a domestic brand and I am beyond excited to be riding on this carbon horse. I highly recommend building the bike of your dreams. Getting on one was probably the best decision of 2013 for me."

- Chris, Super Galactic Cycling Squad