Hey all,

I'm staying in Canmore for four days over the September long weekend and am looking for some help in finding climbs/routes. Naturally (haha), I've done my fair share of research over Strava, but I'm having difficulties determining which roads/climbs are for mountain bikes and which are suitable for road bikes.

I will be visiting with my road bike.

What caught my eye was the Highwood Pass. I want to ride the highest road in Canada. Initially, Strava took me over the Skogan pass, but I understand that is a MtB trail. My route is out the trans canada highway until it connects to the 40. Then from there I take the long road up. Its 200KM there and back. The distance doesn't really scare me, but the elevation will be a challenge. Also, is there anywhere along the road to refuel?

I should be able to get another day of riding in while I'm there (its for a wedding). I'm considering riding out to Lake Louise, but does anyone have knowledge of some climbs around the Canmore area that I could look at over Strava? I imagine the area is, in general, quite hilly/climby so perhaps this is a silly question, but I'd rather have a set route in mind.

Any other routes/suggestions are welcome, but I will always need to return to wherever my starting point is (could shuttle to Banff/Lake Louise and start from there, but also need to end in one of those places, too.)

Thanks again