The Edmonton Mountain Bike Alliance


The IMBA Trail Care Crew

Saturday, June 27 and Sunday, June 28 2009

Are you ready to move beyond simply riding your local trails and learn to build them?

The Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew program is providing that opportunity in a series of more than 70 trailbuilding Schools this year and Edmonton is one of them! The Trail Care Crew experts crisscross the U.S. and Canada in their Subaru Outbacks, teaching the art and science of trailbuilding.

Trailbuilding Schools combines interactive learning, hands-on trailwork and top-notch instructors to develop skilled trailworkers and trailwork leaders.


Dates and Time:

June 27, Saturday 9am to 4pm

June 28, Sunday 9am to 4 pm

Lunch will be provided both days.

Cost: $20
plus a discount on: IMBA’s Trail Solutions and Managing Mountain Biking books

Who is Edmonton Mountain Bike Alliance (EMBA)?

EMBA is a Registered Non-Profit Society that is a growing and influential advocacy organization for mountain biking in the City of Edmonton and area.

o We are one voice for mountain biking in Edmonton.
o We maintain trails and keep them sustainable.
o We work to keep the legitimate trails open.
o We promote respect for the environment through cooperative education.
o We encourage etiquette and shared use of trails.