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Old 09-06-09, 11:29 AM   #1
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Car-free moms & dads in Winnipeg?

Are there any car-free parents in Winnipeg on here with little ones? I have a two year old daughter and since May I have been taking her to day care in the bike trailer, but come snow time I'm stuck what to do. I may just put her in the chariot with the jogging stroller kit on and walk her to daycare. Has anyone here done this on a regular basis in the frigid weather? I have a small crib sized down comforter I'm going to put over top her, and will keep the cover on the chariot to keep out the wind and hopefully retain some warmth. I also purchased a toaster suit for her from MEC for the days she insists on walking.

Besides the trek to and from daycare I have to figure out where I can easily get groceries and other supplies. Luckily I work near my daughters daycare and there is a shoppers drug mart really close by, and an Extra Foods not far - but when it's -40 out I won't even want to take my daughter the short distance to Extra Foods and back... I will just want to get the heck home!

I'd really like to talk with other parents in Winnipeg who either are car free or use their vehicle minimally so we can throw ideas at each other. Or if you live in a similar winter climate to Winnipeg, any advice you can give me regarding keeping toddlers warm in the coldest of cold you get, I would really appreciate it.
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How far are we talking about? Is the problem keeping the kid warm, or riding with a trailer in snow? Important thing is to make sure the wind is completely blocked, search for gaps in the cover.
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Old 09-08-09, 01:41 PM   #3
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We were carfree for a while but now we are car light. Try this link for someinfo, read the book
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Old 09-08-09, 05:33 PM   #4
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i think id be more worried about ******** winnipeg drivers, as for keeping warm (yourself and child)
there are some pretty high tech snowsuits these days, tho us winnipeggers already know all about bundling up
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I plan to put her in the chariot with the jogging stroller kit on and walk her to daycare. It's fine most days, but as most people know, it gets damn cold here so when it's -40 or even close to -50 out you need to make really sure any little ones going outside are kept warm. Like coldfeet mentioned, I'll have to make sure the cover is on well. Thanks for the link to urbancamping - I forgot about that... I actually emailed the Tombrowski's a while ago.... I walk/bike to Costco and was happy to see they do as well - it's a rarety I think. I'm not worried about the drivers, as long as they stay off the sidewalks my daughter and I should be fine.

At MEC they have these really good snowsuits for children called Toaster Suits... expensive but hopefully worth it. I stuck my hand in the arm and it was SO nice and warm! Plus the one piece should hopefully help as well to keep the body heat in.

I guess I'm fairly well set up... it will just take extra long to walk in extreme weather but as long as we stay warm and happy then we will continue walking to her daycare and my workplace.

Thanks everyone! Any other comments or helpful advice much appreciated!
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Old 09-28-09, 03:45 PM   #6
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Winnipeg carfree daycare teacher here:

How about the bus? take advantage of Navigo for grocery trips, so you don't end up waiting for a connection. Find your local stores where you can go for essentials, and plan your big trips on warmer days. You might be able to find a good combination of backpacks/strollers etc so you can do groceries with your daughter.

You might also find a neighbour/relative etc. with a child, and arrange times where you or them can watch each other's children while you do errands.

Above all, don't treat walking/bus/grocery time with your child as wasted. This is a fantastic time for children to learn and bond. She will be better off out and about then stuck inside at home.
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Old 03-14-10, 01:54 AM   #7
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It's now spring in the Peg so I'm sure you figured out a few tricks of your own. I live car free with two children. In the winter I find it too dangerous to pull a trailer it compromises the stability of your bike on the ice and snow even with proper winter tires.
What worked best for me was a combination of strollers, sleds, busses, and bike. Even the occasional cab ride if I needed a lot of groceries. Having family and friends who can help you out by watching the kids or giving you a lift is also a big help.
A big thumbs up for the toaster suit. It's probably the best child snowsuit you can get in Winnipeg.
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