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Blocking your fire exits
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Favourite bike shops in Saskatchewan

Hey guys,

Who's your favourite LBS in Sask and why? I'm interested in finding out what you think about shops around the province. (Also I'm curious to see how many Saskies are in this forum.)

I strongly recommend City Park Cycle in Saskatoon - everyone gets treated equally regardless of how much they spent on their bike. Also they'll bend over backward to accommodate you (and give you **** when you do stupid things). They're pretty focused on just getting people out there and riding.
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I was hoping to see replies on this thread. I'll probably be moving to Saskatoon to take a job in January.
Do many people commute throughout the winter there? With no Chinook winds to turn everything into lumpy wet ice, it may actually be easier than Calgary, in spite of the colder temperatures.
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Sir Lunch-a-lot
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I can't say which is the BEST right now. I'm probably likely to frequent a number of different shops in Saskatoon depending on what I am wanting (seeing as how each has a different selection). There are a few shops on Broadway area, and I have gone to at least two of them (Bike Universe... went there last year for some parts for a 80's Canadian Tire bike I was rebuilding for a friend, and some other one the name of which I do not recall). I have also been to Bruce's Cycleworks on Central Ave. a few times. The first time was back when I was in my first year of College, they repaired my front wheel (and did it quickly, and probably bumped it ahead of other work they were doing, since I did not live in the city at that time). More recently I went there to pick up a few accessories. Last time I was there, I really enjoyed myself. It wasn't busy, so I was able to have a lovely bicycle chat with one of the guys working there about internally geared hubs, the use of safety lights, among other things. It seems to me that - as far as accessories go - the folks I have interacted with at Bruce's cycle-works have a minimalist approach (that is to say that they are not trying to get you to buy the most expensive thing, but trying to find something that will do the job for you without breaking the budget). I do not always agree with their suggestions, but I'm fine with that.

They also definitely have a smaller selection that one of the Bike Shops off Broadway (for the life of me, I cannot remember what it was called. I only stopped in there because I was in the area and needed a new bike lock).

There is also a nice shop in SwiftCurrent, bluesky cycles or something. It's on a street just off chaplain a block or few west of the home hardware. Nice enough shop, pleasant staff. Can't comment on the quality of their work since I was only buying a speedometer at the time.
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Blocking your fire exits
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Lots of people commute in the summer here - we have the second highest per capita of bike commuters in Canada (after Victoria). There are a smaller group of hard-core cyclists who bomb through winter as well, but it's no picnic some days. -40 is not uncommon, and same with wind and tons of snow. Gets pretty messy in spring and fall though.

It's possible to go car-free if you live near a transit route, i.e. centrally; some of the suburbs can be a problem. There are some bike lanes and sharrows downtown and a decent path system along the river. With the recent rise in people moving here and concomitant rise in traffic, it's pretty much the same travel time on a bike as in a car if you need to get downtown or to the university.

I got a great deal on an '08 Rocky Mountain from Bruce's this summer - the guys there were pretty pleasant and helpful, although not so much when I returned the rear rack a week later (didn't fit my panniers, oops.) They have a decent selection of clothing and a student discount.

Bike Doctor is probably the one you are thinking of - it's just a half-block east off Broadway. I think they've got the most selection in town, plus some nice high end stuff (Cervelo etc.) They mostly sell Trek and Giant, which I am not really a fan of - I find them to be somewhat overpriced for what you get, compared to say, Opus, Jamis, or Rocky Mountain. They do have some Redlines and I saw a LHT in there once.
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Trek is really sold at Dougs Spoke and Sport not the bike doctor
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Bike Doctor. GREAT service. Absolutely love them.
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Originally Posted by NorcoSasquatch View Post
Bike Doctor. GREAT service. Absolutely love them.
Bike Doctor guy told me I wouldn't be able to put a stiffer and larger crankset on my bike, but I did it with no problems.

City Park Bike guy worked on my bike for an hour while I waited, even though his shop was apparently quite busy, then wouldn't take any form of payment. He said I came in, that was good enough! I said I will definitely be back!

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I do not know about fav bike shops in Regina, but know there is supposed to be a good one in Saskatoon that brings in some dutch bikes and pashleys which are perfect for a prairie city.
I used to commute by bike for years and eventually gave in to winter biking. It wasn't that bad at all. No salt on the road to dissolve your bicycle, once the roads were shovelled etc it was great fun! Anyway, biking in Regina was considered weird even though it is perfect for transportation cycling. I miss it actually. It was easy to get around, a network of bike paths through parkways throughout the city to avoid traffic and rude drivers, and secret trails once you were in the know. I was hoping things have improved, but last time I was in Regina there were still very few cyclists, no fixies or single speeds bombing around which are the perfect bikes for prairie cities!!
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