Details of the 1st annual tour de Calgary Single Speed/Fixed Gear Your on Your Own Ride in honour of Lori Beattie revealed.

Ride is an unorganized organized event. Maps of the route will be available at the start just don't expect there to be an organizer available to answer questions, it's just a bike ride, go faster push harder

110 km tour of the city of Calgary, completely on the bike path, goes to all four corners of the city, weather will be cooler so most Calgarians will be home in front of the fire, light traffic expected

Riders are expected be able to fix their own flats or breakdowns, there are no sweep riders carrying parts and tools, if you break down don't expect someone to come along with the right stuff to fix your bike

Riders are expected to bring their own water and nutrition, nothing is provided, if you run out of juice you'll have to go and get yourself refuelled off the path somewhere, no one is waiting for you to return

There are no prizes for finishing first or last, it's not a race but heh ride as fast or as slow as you want, you solitary types can hang out at the back and wallow in your self pity on your own

Come prepared to handle hilly terrain, up and down, if your found crying because you did not think it would be this hard, be warned that it's clearly a "you obviously need your space" supported ride

Ride the whole route or bail at anytime, no one cares no one will notice, who was that guy?, what guy? sort of thing

There will be a break at the half way point to get recharged with fuel, location TBD.

Takes place on Sunday Sept 20th 2009

Meet at the entrance to the Zoo on the bike path parallel to Memorial drive at 9:00 am

Pulls out at exactly 9:30 am sharp, we're not waiting for you because we don't even know that your coming

Anyone is welcome but you must be on either a Single Speed or Fixed Gear bike, you can show up on a geared bike but we'll all laugh at you, 'look at me being all spinny up the hills'

All riders are 100% responsible for themselves, remember 'You Are On Your Own'

Lets do it for Lori, let's make her proud