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    Purpose-built Snow Runner

    After years of farting around with different bikes, it's time to build something from the ground up. There's some people offering a class that teaches just that, so I'm going to take a low stakes project and do a winter bike. There's a bit of time to grab a frame somewhere and I'm going to take what works and fits, but here's a few related questions, just to make sure I do a decent job on this project rather than a crap one. I'd like something sturdy and reliable. Other than that, it needs to go in a forward direction somewhat reliably- it'll need to handle a daily 11km commute.

    -Are there any vintage frames you'd recommend in particular? Will be doing my best to snag a steel 90s MTB frame- Trek 900s were mentioned with a wink and a nod- is there anything else which would be suitable? What aspects of a frame make it most suitable for winter punishment?

    -Although it will sound strange, I'd like to build a bicycle that is easy to fall off of. I don't INTEND to fall, but it's best to be prepared for these things. How would one go about configuring things in a way that will keep the rider mostly upright and as low to the ground as can be managed comfortably?

    -Are there any interesting tips you've come up with, such as handlebar configurations and gear ratios? What about shifters? Going to try and set up some simple levers which should be easy enough to manipulate with mittens; are there other shifters that may do the trick? What type of grips [and at what angles] provides the most stability and minimises hand fatigue?

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