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    Has anyone tried this pair of Stormsock????

    I just got back from a ride, it was ok at the start... but could feel some cold started to come thru...
    I know these are made to be Weatherproof (so-to-speak)
    I wore these alone in my regular shoes and wore Gator Booties.
    Temp was about 38-40 Degrees F (raining)

    I might wear some other socks under these Stormsocks

    Any words of wisdom?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Walkafire
    ... but could feel some cold started to come thru...
    I have been watching the list and looking at socks people have suggested. I was worried about that exact thing, the cold coming thru.

    Suddenly I remembered the wool socks we used to use in the service and how they did a pretty good job of keeping my feet warm so I ordered 6 pair at I have been riding down to 27 degrees so far and they have been keeping my feet toasty warm up to this point in my Shimano bike shoes.

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    OK OK OK

    I am taking them back!

    For 22.00 I can get some UnderArmor stuff.

    Those "socks" are only good for Waterproof... I have tried putting them over a thick regular sock... BRRRRRRR for get that.... Neoprene Booties work better!

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