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    Tires & CO2 for Iceman race

    I will be doing the Iceman Cometh race in MI on 11/5/05 and have a couple questions:

    I usually carry a CO2 gun with me when I race. At what temperature does the CO2 stop working well?

    If there happens to be snow for the race are you better off with a wider tire or a narrower one. I have a set of 1.95 Trailblasters and a set of 1.8 Fire Mud Pro's. I will be starting in one of the middle waves so there will be about 1000 riders on the course before me.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    About 20 degrees it may freeze up the valve when you try and fill the tire and it will not add much pressure anyway. What you can do is put the whole thing under your jacket for a couple of minutes (this works for slightly frozen bottles and even alkaline batteries for a bit) when the whole thing is warm put it on the valve and dump it as fast as you can. It still does not give you much pressure. It's probably faster to carry a good pump, and you get better pressure too.

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