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    RD Froze up Grrrrrrrr

    With all the Snow and Cold we had over the last week... I came into Work early yesterday morning, looked at the bike and decided to hose off all the grime.
    I figured 12 hours in a heated Truck Bay would be enough time for the Bike to DRY off.

    LMAO... I got about 5 miles (15 degrees F) and I could not shift up or down?!?!?!?

    What little water was left, had froze up the Spring (and/or the Cable) in the Rear Derailleur. I was able to shift up/down by grabbing the Cable on the top cross bar, pulling it causing the RD to move into place. WHEW!

    Cripes! this mean I have to wait till Spring to Wash the Bike??????????

    Where's that can of WD40!

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    No not at all. You should not ever hose off your bike anyway. If you get it that wet you need to keep it inside overnight to dry off. Just wipe your bike with a very soft brush or a damp cloth to clean it. When you hose a bike you can get water into the bearings and ruin the bike. If you spray your bike with WD40 you can get WD40 in the bearings and ruin them also.

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    My RD sometimes freezes on me, or gets stuck because of snow or someting. Usually a light kick with the heel is enough to get it working again. If not, try a "good" kick. Just be careful not to get your heel into the spokes.
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