This morning I woke up to a couple inches of powder, still falling fast, and a stiff breeze. My wife suggested I try out my new studded tires, so out I went. Wow! It was awesome! I've never ridden in snow before--all alone in a blizzard, in the dark, with my glasses slowly freezing over. I wonder what the driver of the car that passed me thought.

But good grief, it was hard work. I got a decent workout in just half an hour.

The forecast is only for 3-4 inches. (This has been the biggest non-winter we've had for years.) I'll have to go for another ride after work. Does the fun of riding in a snow storm ever wear off?

I'd like to ride the 15 miles to work, but after driving those roads in my car, I don't think I trust the cars to not slide into me. The Innova studded tires I got from Nashbar were rock solid--no slipping at all. The car, on the other hand...