They really tick me off, these immature drunks on campus. I was visiting a friend just down the road from my place. I go to leave his house and notice the earlier rain had frozen and ice coated everything, I thought to myself "Hooray I can finally test out these snow tires!". But when I get to my bike, I notice my post and saddle are gone. Oh hooray for the innovation of seats that you don't need a hex wrench to adjust!

Luckily it wasn't too far of a ride. I managed to bike home standing the entire way, which is something I've never really done much before and was quite interesting on the ice. First thing this morning I woke up to find a good inch or two of snow on the ground, and went down to the bike shope and bought a new saddle and post for $45 after I just spent $70 on a tuneup/repairs.

When I rode back to my place, I really wasn't too impressed with these Nokian W160's. But I realized that since there was no snow when I had them put on, the shop probably inflated them nice and hard.
I let a little air out of both tires and set out on a test run. This wasn't until later in the day, after a lot of the snow had turned into slush on water, and had begun to refreeze. These babies rock! I was pounding down the sidewalks with people giving me weird looks because I was going through the freshest/slushiest sections on the sidewalk. Never once did my tires slip, even peddaling up the huge overpass. There were a few times where I'd hit an icy crack in the curb/sidewalk and the front tire would turn hard to the right, but I easily avoided losing control. There were definitely numerous times where I would have hit the ground hard, if I still had my normal tires on.