march has rolled in like a lion it seems.

the weather was sunny and mild here in toronto yesterday, and today at noon the storm began:

it just so happened that i already knew i would be at home today, so i watched as the skies darkened, and the first sprinkles of snow gradually increased. everything is now coated in a thick, fluffy layer of frosting. the last time i checked there was about 5-6" accumulated on my back deck. now it's a few hours later, and according to the "6:00 news" it seems the city, nay, the whole eastern seaboard is in chaos!

i'm so glad that i didn't have to commute today, let alone be stuck in a car... especially since there's a huge "gas shortage" in the city. oh and in addition to the gas shortage (not that i've pumped a tank of gas in my life) there was a train derailment causing further troubles for the thousands of people who commute in from the 'burbs and other cities. did i mention my commute is a 10 minute ride? it boggles my mind.

too bad the powers that be don't declare snow days in this kind of weather. i would think that all the lost productivity would be compensated by preventing all the needless damages.

hope y'all made it home safe and sound!