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    Rain Considerations

    What should I take into consideration with my road bike when commuting to work in the rain? Are there 700c tires suitable for road use in the rain? Should I use a different kind of oil/crease on my chain/der? I am lucky enough to live in a place where winters rarely get under 50 so ice is not going to be a concern, only periodic rain.

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    If your frame is steel, make sure to wipe it down so you don't get rust. I use the same oil year round, but end up applying it more often in rainy weather. I wouldn't be to concerned about tires, I run with only a small amount of treading and have no issues, if your concerned just take the corners a little slower and break a little earlier until you get used to it.

    Watch out for metal on the road, things like man hole covers become very slick, and dangerous, in wet conditions. Also, if your in an area that doesn't get a lot of wet weather, there is a chance the roads will have some oil come to the surface, which would also make conditions a little slicker.

    I'd suggest asking in the commuting forum also, due to your winter conditions rarely getting under 50, just expect the first 8 responses to talk about how much you'll absolutely NEED fenders.

    That said, you may want fenders, I personally don't use them, but I have a shower at work, and have enough cycling clothes to rotate through.

    Also, you may want a thin outer wind/water proof layer. Once it gets 55ish the rain goes from being pleasant to being a serious heat draining issue.
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