Great Forum.

I had a question the other day about tires and loose snow. Several people suggested lowering my tire pressure. It helped a lot. The bike can still get squirrely, but in a controllable way.

CastIron also said that he tries to utilize Snow Emergency routes which are plowed better and sooner than residential streets. That made me take a look at my route. I was able to reduce my street riding to maybe 1 mile out of my 7 mile commute by sticking to bike trails. It only extended the distance 1/2 mile or so but also eliminated a number of stoplights. The trails are plowed pretty well as opposed to bike lanes which get covered with slop and the occasional impassable pile of snow.

So I'm thankful for the help I got in the forum and for a city that's progressive enough to have bike trails that are good for commuting and well plowed. Wish they did a better job on the bikes lanes though.