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    Nokian stud replacements

    "You attract more bees with honey than you do with vinegar"

    This is the mantra that I hold dear.

    The story:

    I had made my own studded tires for years but I finally tired of the twice yearly restudding ritual, so in November I had splurged on a set of Nokian Extreme studded tires.

    I noticed about 2 weeks ago that 2 studs on the rear tire were missing. I emailed Nokian in Finland inquiring about purchasing some replacement studs. They forwarded me onto Quality Bicycle Products (QBP) in Minnisota.

    QBP said that they are only a wholesaler and suggested that I try a particula rbike shop in town. I inquired, but unfortunately, the bike shop was not able to get Nokian studs but rather Innova studs (about $12 a pack).

    QBP emails me back and states that they have had some issues with studs ripping out as the rubber was not aged enough before they were shipped from Nokian. They asked how many I needed.

    Again I emailed them back and stated that the tires were only missing 2 right now and did not affect performance, the tires are excellent (and they are) and I had expected studs to come out anyway - it's the nature of the sport. I described that I'd be happy to purchase the studs, but the bike shop was unable to get them.

    Just got a final email from QBP, they are going to send me a 20 pack of studs WITH insertion tool at no charge!

    Anyway, if any of you have new Nokians with studs being ripped out, you CAN get replacements, but the bike store MAY have trouble laying their hands on them. They're only about $12 to $15 CDN a pack anyway.

    Just for your info.

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    Nokian did have a run of tires with actual problems. those whole tires should be replaced,
    but that was like, 2002 or 2003

    nowadays you gotta run new ones 50 miles on the road to squirm the studs
    firmly in their place

    after that, I only find mtb rides on rawks sometimes rips out a stud.

    rarely. lotta miles on them, only 3 studs missing. original nokian 296's with wire bead. old school

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