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    New Lakes vs Old is full of win

    Lake winter cycling boots. I haz them.

    this is my review. I like them, had 300mxz from 2002,
    but was sick of the velcro strap
    deal always grabbin my socks and laces. so when I saw the BOA
    setup I had to try some. I saved enough bottles and now got me
    some 2008 Lake 302s

    old- shoelace system, then velcro strap system. it works
    but is a pain to get perfect, and the velcro grabs your socks and
    the laces and it is a 2 minute per foot operation. it was what
    we had at the time and it still works

    getting out was marginally faster than getting in...still a PITA though


    new- BOA lacing system. insert foot, crank laces. 20 seconds for both feet
    it is always adjusted correctly, or you can crank the dial on the fly

    getting out is freaky fast. pop the BOA, shoe flys open

    new Lakes also have a Vibram sole which grabs the snowy ground a bit better,
    and more confidence hiking up over frozen rocks and whatnot if you need to
    dab or portage a stream...they also come with 2 sets of spikes, small and embiggened

    and finally, the famous Lake bubble footbed is upgraded with a new reflective mylar
    layer on the foot side. it -is- a warmer boot than the old ones. I throw in shimano
    thin footbeds on top of the Lake footbed, 'cuz I am crazy like that. I get my lakes 2
    euro sizes bigger so i can do that, as well as add double fat wool for extra cold nights

    the boa lacing has no problem making the shoe fit if I use a thin sock and delete the
    extra footbed, so that is a plus as well. damn fine shoe
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