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Winter Cycling Don't let snow and ice discourage you this winter. The key element to year-round cycling is proper attire! Check out this winter cycling forum to chat with other ice bike fanatics.

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My feet

How can I keep my feet warm nothing seem to work. Any one use electric warmed in soles.
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my very cheap solution (tried and true in 11 degrees F) base layer of knit socks (not too heavy) a plastic bag tied over each foot, and another sock. (i use some wool ones.) keeps the wind out, keeps my feet warm.
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Try the bags.... I use them and have little trouble on rides in the 20's.
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For the coldest rides (down to 0F), I wear a single pair of wool blend socks and ordinary cycling shoes with common galoshes over them. My pedals are not clipless, so I don't have the metal cleat exposed on the bottom of my shoes.

It's also important to make sure the shoes are not tight. If your feet are being squeezed, you'll reduce circulation and the air space you need for insulation. Don't put more inside your shoes or boots; get bigger shoes (or at least loosen the laces as much as you can).
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Here is my new and improved article on Cold Feet!
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Keep body core warm and dry. Body shuts off blood flow to extremities when it loses too much temp. I use Sugoi booties over Shimano MTB shoes with wool work socks.
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Ditto Machka in What Works article. I bought cycling shoes big enough to alow THICK wools socks, and replaced the insoles with 'air pillow' insoles from the drugstore, 'cause I ride a 'bent sometimes and the soles are the first to feel the breeze. Warm overbooties on top. Been good down into the teens.
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It depends on what you want to spend.

I started off with Lake summer mtn bike shoes with booties over them. Thick wool socks and a hand (yes, hand) warmer on top of my toes. I got the hand warmers in a big package at Sam's club. It cost me $0.40 a day to use a pack of two. To keep them usable for the ride home, put them in a zip-lock baggie and squeeze the air out. They will be fine for the way home (and more).

That took me down to -5F. At that temp, my feet were cold by the time I got the 10 miles to/from work.

Now I have the new Lake winter boots (as of last week -$270. Thank God for tax money!). Those take me down to around 20F by themselves with regular socks. If I add the booties on them, wool socks and a hand warmer, it took me down to -15F (-30 to -40 windchill) last week very comfortably.

I use cleats on both set-ups, just FYI.

This is based on MY feet though. Results may differ if you have different feet .
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Originally Posted by sheps58 View Post
How can I keep my feet warm nothing seem to work. Any one use electric warmed in soles.
For my 4 mi commute (so, short) I wear 3 sandwich bags over my socks mostly because I wear summer road shoes (read: my shoes breathe too well).
By the end of the ride my toes are cold.

I tried the chemical warmers (iron plus something), they don't work very well. Never heard of electric warmers though. Maybe those combined with shoe covers will do the trick for those sub 10F days: That's my cutoff -- any colder and I drive, which is hard since that's about my cars cutoff too .
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I got some cheap winter bike shoes at MEC for $80 [Exustar]. These with regular socks are good down to -10C. To get past that, I use MEC shoe covers with a piece of polar fleece over my toes. That worked down to -50C windchill [-30C ambient].
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Giant knitted woolen socks with cutouts for cleats over my shoes, stretchy rainboots over the socks seems to work for me. And woolsocks is good as a first layer.
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