..but it seemed like it was pretty wintery.
Be careful taking some of those routes that cars are dumb enough to drive on.
Some pretty troubling pictures in the link, especially considering that reportedly traffic was still whizzing by. The driver, reportedly, is in trouble for driving the company car with his family in it on the ic road after being told not to.
Some vehicles that take the Fairbanks ice road find themselves on thin ice
FAIRBANKS — As he waited for workers from Precision Cranes Inc. to pull a pickup truck out of the Chena River on Monday afternoon near Pike’s Landing, tow truck driver Alan Hughes could only shake his head.

“People will see this and keep driving on the ice,” Hughes said, looking down at the red pickup truck submerged and frozen into the ice where it broke through late Sunday afternoon, just 5 feet off the side of the traditional ice road that runs between Pike’s Landing and Chena Small Tracts Road.
The ice road is used every year as a shortcut by Fairbanks residents living off Chena Pump Road to reach the west side of town. There are no stop lights to contend with, and it cuts three or four miles from a trip to Fred Meyer, Pike’s Landing or the Fairbanks International Airport.
The ice road is not a road in the eyes of the Department of Transportation.

“It’s not a DOT responsibility,” Howard Thies, maintenance and operations director for the northern region of DOT, said when contacted Monday. “We are the Department of Highways, Aviation and Public Facilities; there’s no rivers in there. It’s not our problem.”